6 ways I organized my schedule as freelancer

After a year of doing only remote work here are some things that helped my to get my life and schedule together.

Separate the working environment

For the longest time my work desk was located in the bedroom, it was relatively far from the bad and was somewhat separated from the sleeping area, but the temptation of laying down and chill was just too high. The procrastinator in me was thriving, that’s why I relocated to a separate room. Now I have a sense that I have an office.

Clear all distractions

Major distraction for me was the youtube. I’m pretty off social media, usually Twitter is my cup of tea for the latest news and I’m subscribed to a decent amount of newsletters so I get everything I need straight into my mailbox. Youtube on the other hand… that’s my soft spot. So the way I’m controlling my obsession with binge watching youtube videos, I clear my history on youtube, so nothing interesting will be on the homepage.

Written lists

Trello, Asana, Google Keep… there are a LOT of to do list apps on this planet, and everyday one new app pops out, sadly none of them worked for me. I couldn’t set up a solid routine of opening an app every single day to look at my to do list and my old soul just loved the simplicity of written to-do list. Writing things down on paper always helped me to quickly see the full picture of my working scope and manage it better.

Use time tracking tool

Well I work on upwork, and for my projects I have to track my working time, and recently I discovered a great tool Dae.sk that provides a simple environment for project time tracking and task management. Those two trackers worked for me, because when my timer started I subconsciously new “That’s it I’m working now”, and I tried to stay focused for at least 1 hour, the tracker automatically sends reminders each hour so I could stop to relax.

Wear go out clothes

Working in your pj’s is very tempting idea, and certainly I was guilty of working from the bad. That can work if it’s some kind of ritual once a month but for me it was a major turn off. On the other hand while I was wearing professional clothes and went into my separate Office I felt like the working time was clearly separated.

Separate working laptop

Yes, this may sound crazy and not budget friendly but this helped me a lot. I was not specifically after a second laptop, but one of my projects required Windows OS and all I had was Mac, so I needed something to work for me, and also I thought that if I’m investing in something let it be the best one out there. I got a model with good specifications so I don’t need to worry about it in the future. So now when I’m at my Macbook I know that it’s my relaxation time, and my Windows is just for work.

Hope you enjoyed and found some things that might help you. There are a lot of things that did not helped as well, which I will share soon!