Manage your business, with no social media

Last year I deleted my Facebook and Instagram profiles with decent following. I was going through a lot of changes and decided that having social media around that time is not a good idea.

There's a lot of material on social media detox, a lot of creators are putting out there content like "30 days without internet", and I'm a walking evidence that not having social media accounts actually make you happier and more in touch with yourself.

However, when you have business social media presence is sometimes more important than the actual product. Now you can create a product with no code, setup a landing page and get a good amount of subscribers in about, all in 2 days, which is impressive.

Social media management tools

You have a business, that's great. Don't want to spend much time on social media. That's great too.

Managing small business is a lot on it's own, and having to do social media postings and activities can add a lot to the plate.

Having a person who can takeover of such huge part of the work can be a relief, but when you don't have the finance to hire someone, and don't want to spend the day with checking social media accounts I have an advice for you: find a good social media management tool. Whatever that sticks to your needs and is free or is relatively low priced.

The tool of my choice is Hootsuite (this is not sponsored :) ).

This is how my social media looks now:

I'm currently using the free trial where you can add only 3 social media accounts, which is enough, but in few mounts I'm definitely considering to get the paid version.

Why is this working?

Here are some simple advantages in using social media management tool:

 - having a one stop shop to all your social media accounts,

 - scheduling and planning your thoughts and posts,

 - no urge to check the social media on the latest updates.

I'm using Hootsuite to schedule my blog post promotions ahead of time. Push my content on 3 platforms at the same time and free my time from social media.

Getting info from the outer world

Yes, social media is not only for memes, drama and twitter beefs, it also can be informative.

Where will you get all the latest news if you don't check you social media every morning?

Step 1. Newsletters!

I'm subscribed to 10 - 15 newsletters that cover most topics that I follow. Quality content is out there you just need to find it, and the only way to do it, is to subscribe to everything and then gradually unsubscribe from the things that you're not interested in. For me, I unsubscribe from anything that I don't read more than twice.

Step 2. Reports!

Reports from Hootsuite, Google analytics and Hotjar. To keep you business up to date, you need the data on how it's performing.

Tools like Hootsuite, Google analytics and Hotjar provide reporting functionality where you can configure the information and the frequency you're getting the data you need, to make data-driven decision.


Now here's the truth, I'm a routine hater. I don't like rules, I don't like to follow them and I sometimes don't like people that these rules.

However, when you're an owner of your business you have to do a lot of not fun stuff.

One of which is: create rules on which you operate.

Here are some of my rules:

- I work only on 3 projects simultaneously,

- I write a to do list daily

- I update my time tracking app daily

- I check my email twice a day

- I check my social media for 1 hour daily

- I don't work on Mondays

Rules can be different but they are necessary, so you can be in touch with your business goals.

Managing your business in digital age, is easier then ever.