The age of CEO's

"Hello I'm a Founder and CEO of "some-SEO-friendly-startup-name", yeah I hear that a lot these days. Not a day goes by without a Linkedin update, where one of my connections suddenly became CEO and Founder of something new.

Freedom always is on the top list of my priorities, not depending on others detaching from worlds opinions (which can be a hell of a lot) and assumptions of how your life should look like. Right now, it is easier then ever to follow your path.

That's the beauty of the current age, we can establish a business in 1 hour. Setup a website in 20 minutes and do market research in 3 days. Internet, decentralization, remote work... it seems like everything is opening the doors instead of closing them. Now it's easier than ever to pursue your dreams, leave your 9 - 5 and become a Youtuber, popular game streamer, digital nomad, etc. On the other hand, it's creating a massive FOMO. It seems like everyone is being on their creative peak, the neighbor Joe is creating some "All in one platform for fish hunters", and the third cousin Alice is creating open-source integration for Google Calendar and Slack. Everything is possible, which is liberating and draining at the same time.

The CEO's are people who don't know what they're doing, they risk it, they experiment, they try the new things, they're learning growth hacking because sometimes they can't afford a marketing officer.

Being a CEO is just the start of a marathon. It's not a badge that you can wear and forget one day.

Now more than ever titles and labels don't matter, the impact and the attitude do. The title is not your asset, you are the asset. Knowing exactly what you want and knowing yourself.

Wherever you go and whatever you do you're taking yourself along. Don't let the badges take over your goals.